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we're a design and ingenuity lab. <br />we're here to activate your environment, brand and people.<br />

<br /><br /><br />This is how we do it:<br /><h3>01 Make people curious_ </h3><br />We’re a team of designers, strategists, thinkers and makers with a passion for solving problems by understanding people. We specialize in designing and building interactions in physical and digital spaces. Our single-minded aim is to delight people and differentiate the brands we work with. As a hybrid consultancy, our expertise allows us to merge the practices of management, brand and consumer insight consulting with the capabilities of design, strategy, architecture, digital and creative marketing communications. Driven by the belief that everything communicates, our multidisciplinary approach empowers us to define, design and dramatize brand experiences across the entire value chain and customer journey. Some people call this experiential messaging.<a href=""> We call it fun.</a> <br /><br /><h3>02 Make curious people_</h3><br />For organizations and individuals that want to exercise their ingenuity, we have a recipe. Our hands-on workshops build organizational culture and well-being through activities that empower communication, collaboration and creativity. Here’s our secret sauce for <a href="">cultivating truly great teams.</a>


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Gather. Grub. Repeat.

Posted on Aug 28 by

HOW MIGHT WE design a digital experience that 
a person can use to build relationships with their neighbors?… IS THERE A UNIFYING LANGUAGE that cuts across age, job title...


Designing Culture @ Alite

Posted on Jul 25 by

We’re curious about organizational culture in general, and the culture of culture makers in specific: What are their habits for creating truly great teams? How do they empower...


Designing Culture at Ziba

Posted on Jul 10 by

We’re curious about organizational culture in general, and the culture of culture makers in specific. What are their habits for creating truly great teams? How do they...


The Greatest Food Experience You’ve Never Had

Posted on Jul 4 by

Is there a unifying language that cuts across age, job title and cultural background that helps individuals to be more creative, productive and satisfied at work? The answer...


Deconstructing the Keyboard

Posted on Jun 28 by

Working with Interaction Design legends, Cooper, gave us a whole new perspective on keyboards. The truth is, we take computer keyboards for granted. They’re too familiar; like...


The Decameron Yarn

Posted on Jun 3 by

I recently had the good fortune of being invited to participate in The Decameron Story Telling Festival. This short video shows what happens when you have 60 balls of yarn, 120...


The Future of Local

Posted on May 29 by

Brazenworks is following National Geographic Emerging Explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison. We share a common interest exploring the future of local, where the complex relationship that...


350,000 clicks of your mouse

Posted on May 22 by

That’s what it’ll take to burn off the calories of one Big Mac, according to the publication Convert Anything to Calories. That’s just one interesting tidbit...